Author Event: Kim Ventrella

There aren’t many opportunities for me to attend author events, but this next month I’ll be able to attend four! The fun kicked off last Thursday with middle grade author Kim Ventrella at Magic City Books. Her sophomore novel, Bone Hollow, was released on February 28 from Scholastic.

It was an intimate setting with only a handful of people present, which was nice because it gave us the opportunity for the event to be more of a conversation. Kim was super sweet and was wearing the cutest outfit (I extra loved her skull covered sweater) and started the night off by telling us about both of her books and some fun facts about them. Turns out her furniture is really fun to look at, but a lot less fun (uncomfortable) to sit on, so she wrote her first book, Skeleton Tree, while sitting in her dog’s bed. I also enjoyed learning that since Bone Hollow is her first book featuring a dog character, she of course dedicated the novel to her own dog, Hera. Speaking on her writing process, Ventrella said that she tries to focus on the character’s emotional journey.

During the signing portion, she spent time with each attendee and had conversations with them. She was armed with book swag, which I cant wait to share with some of you, and drew cute little skeletons alongside her signature. This was also my first time visiting my local independent bookstore, Magic City Books. It’s been open since 2017, but because of it being in a not easily accessible to me part of town, I hadn’t stopped by yet. After this though I’m really hoping to start doing the majority of my book shopping there. It felt like such a personal visit unlike anything I’ve experienced at Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million, and I definitely believe in supporting your local indie.

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