Ten Books Featuring Music

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is an audio freebie, meaning we can cover anything we want as long as it has to do with audio. I struggled to come up with a topic to cover – I don’t listen to podcasts, audiobooks are hard for me to listen to at this season in my life, and I already share the music I jam out to with y’all every Friday. So, after a lot of thinking, I decided to make a list of ten books that feature music as a main theme of the story. I wouldn’t consider this a top ten post, but instead merely a list that is ten books long.

This post does contain affiliate links. I will receive a small amount from any purchases made.

If you read my review for You’d Be Mine you’ll know how much I absolutely adore this book. Hahn captured the country music scene so perfectly while creating two of the best characters I’ve ever met. To be honest, I hadn’t really listened to country music in about six years due to an evolution in my music preferences, but ever since reading this one there’s been a lot of Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley being played.

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Review: You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn

Title: You’d Be Mine
Author: Erin Hahn
Release Date: 4/2/2019
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Pages: 304
Rating: 5 stars
Buy it!

Trigger Warnings: underage drinking, death, suicide, drug use and overdose

This post does contain affiliate links. I will receive a small amount from any purchases made.

Annie Mathers is America’s sweetheart and heir to a country music legacy full of all the things her Gran warned her about. Superstar Clay Coolidge is most definitely going to end up one of those things. 

But unfortunately for Clay, if he can’t convince Annie to join his summer tour, his music label is going to drop him. That’s what happens when your bad boy image turns into bad boy reality. Annie has been avoiding the spotlight after her parents’ tragic death, except on her skyrocketing YouTube channel. Clay’s label wants to land Annie, and Clay has to make it happen. 

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Sunday Stacks: The Upcoming Week’s TBR

I hope everybody is enjoying a relaxing Sunday before having to start another week! Being a mood reader like I am can make having an official TBR difficult, but ever since I got a book cart it’s become a lot more doable! I’m a very visual person, so being able to put my physical review books and other books I’m wanting to read soon on the cart in a prominent spot has helped me stay focused.

Today I’ll be sharing with you three books that I’m planning on reading this next week. Odds are I’ll read more than three books, but I like to try and set realistic goals, otherwise I’ll end up overwhelmed and won’t finish anything. It also makes me feel less bad in the event that a reading slump hits. Thanks to Harker for the post idea!

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Tag: Book Blog Newbie

I realized the other day that I’ve never properly introduced myself on my blog! Sure, you can read my about page, see 50 things that make me happy, or most of you probably know me from Twitter, but those are all just small pieces that make up who I am. When I saw this book blog newbie tag on The Book Mermaid I knew it was the perfect opportunity to share with y’all more about what makes me a blogger and reader!

Why did you start this blog?

I’ve been reviewing books on Goodreads for six years and talking about them on Twitter for probably about four years now, so really taking the plunge into blogging was long overdue! Writing is something I really enjoy, so having my own space where I can share my thoughts about one of my favorite things in the world (books, obviously) is a dream come true.

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Friday Jams Week Five

I’m going to try something different this week, and instead of showcasing my top FIVE artists I’m going to drop it down to the top THREE. Much to my husband’s dismay, I’m one of those people that has a core group of musicians they like and doesn’t deviate from them very much, so I feel like my top five artists are pretty similar week to week. Hopefully, by dropping it down to three, we’ll be able to see some changes? I guess we’ll find out!

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