Milton the Book Doggo

Okay, so maybe Milton doesn’t read books (actually there’s no maybe about it, he doesn’t), but he does cuddle with me while I read! Most of my reading is done after my son and husband go to bed, and I guess Milton is a night owl like me and prefers staying up until the sun rises then sleeping all day.

This post idea was submitted by Shon, and honestly I’ll take any opportunity possible to talk about my doggo. If you ever have a post idea for me, you can always leave a comment on a post, use my contact form, or let me know on Twitter!

My husband, Andy, and I adopted Milton right before Christmas in 2013 when he was about two years old. He’s a mixed breed of maybe beagle and chihuahua, but we aren’t positive. I had been hardcore begging for a dog for a couple of months, and fiiiinallly my husband gave in and said we could look for one. I researched the local shelters and had a dog picked out that I wanted to meet at the first place we were stopping. Her name was Molly, and when they put us in the room and brought her to us she went CRAZY. Molly was practically running on the walls, so happy and full of energy. She was perfect. Andy quickly vetoed her though on account of how hyper she was and the fact that we lived in an apartment. When the lady at the shelter heard where we lived and that we needed a calmer dog, she said, “I have the perfect dog for you.” She left, and when she came back, she had Milton. Before I tell you this next part, it’s important that you recall that I was the one begging for the dog and Andy was the one that didn’t want one. You remember? Good. So Milton comes in, pees on Andy’s leg, climbs into his lap and falls asleep, and Andy starts crying. He looks at me and says, “He has Ranger’s [his childhood dog] eyes.” HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY NO TO THAT?! Obviously I didn’t, I’m not that cold-hearted, and Milton became ours.

Y’all, these two instantly became best friends. Wherever Andy went, Milton followed. And again, remember how Milton was supposed to be my dog? Yeah, that’s never been a thing. I don’t entirely know what I did to offend him so badly, but Milton doesn’t really like me. Like, at all. It makes sense that he bonded with Andy so much though. At the time, we lived in a really unsafe area, and going outside by myself made me incredibly uncomfortable. Because of this Andy was the one that mostly took Milton outside, so we think he just associated Andy with being the caretaker. Am I sad that “my” dog hated me? I was. But Milton and Andy’s relationship is so sweet and special, and I love seeing it.

Milton and I still aren’t the best of friends, but we’ve figured out how to get along. Andy will forever be his favorite, but if you have a blanket he’ll be your friend for a least a little while. He loves snuggling up underneath blankets and it’s where he spends the majority of his time. His favorite is this old pink comforter that Andy had long before we got together. Sometimes if it’s left in the bedroom floor at night he’ll curl up on it and sleep there instead of getting in bed with us. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to sit down on the couch and accidentally sat on him instead because I had no idea he was hidden under the blanket.

Any time we go for car rides, Milton gets insanely excited. He’s convinced they’re his absolute favorite thing in the world. Spoiler alert: they aren’t. Once the car starts moving he remembers how much he hates them and starts to regret everything. Usually if we’re on a highway and moving at a good speed without stopping he’ll calm down, but as soon as we exit and start hitting stop lights he goes nuts and never stops whining. It’s obnoxious, but we love taking him places with us. We really consider Milton to be a part of the family, so whenever possible, anywhere we go he goes too.

Anytime we describe Milton to somebody, we usually say that he’s like a grumpy old man that is always yelling at people to get off his lawn. He is seriously always annoyed at the world. He also has a really sensitive stomach, so people food is strictly off limits. The food we give him is a special easy to digest formula so he’s able to tolerate it. Carrots are pretty much the only people food we’ve found that he can have, and he goes crazy for them. He really likes going for walks outside, or even just laying on the porch in the sun. When he’s sunbathing I call him a sun doggo and say he’s worshiping the sun.

So that’s Milton! Andy adores him and he adores Andy. I love him and he tolerates me. Elliott goes insane for him and Milton wishes he wouldn’t. Things can be crazy, but we’re a family, and it’s a good life. Is there anything you want to know about Milton that I didn’t already go over? Do you have a dog, or any other type of animal? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Milton the Book Doggo”

  1. K, so
    Thanks for sharing this wealth of Milton pics (and knowledge!)
    When you said he peed on Andy and Andy started crying, I legit was like HOW CAN THIS END WELL?!
    I’ll def be doing a post with my book buddies later!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!! I’m so glad you loved it. I actually had a ton of fun putting it together. And I didn’t tell Andy that I was writing it, so when it went up I was like, hey I have a really special post and I think you should look at it. And I showed it to him and read it to him and he cried haha. I can’t wait to see your book buddies!!


  2. I LOVE THIS POST!!! And I love your autobiography of Milton and how he came into your lives. Even though he seems closer to your hubby I’m glad you have found a special place with him as well.

    I would do this post but I think people hear plenty about my boys already. You need look at today’s post for proof. Hahaha…. This goes double for Gomez who I’m pretty sure is hiring Liam as his agent. Apparently I used his likeness for my blog without his expressed permission.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaahhh, thank you! I’m so glad you loved it! This has definitely been one of my favorite posts I’ve done so far. Even though Milton and I aren’t close, I love him to death and don’t know what I’d do without him.

      Your babies are so cute!! Someday I’ll have a long haired cat, I love them so much. Tell Gomez to contact Milton because he’s a lawyer so he’ll get everything squared away for him. If Gomez can get over the fact that Milton is a dog.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha!!!! The last thing I need is Mez’a ego inflated anymore than it already is. He is well aware of his growing popularity. So maybe we keep Milton’s talents between us, he? Lol


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