Sunday Stacks Week Four

Happy Easter, everyone! Last year was my son’s first Easter, but this is the first Easter he hasn’t been in the hospital for! The Easter bunny brought him a Paw Patrol book, some candy, and a new Peppa Pig toothbrush, and at some point during the day he’ll hunt for eggs filled with more candy.

I did so much reading last week and got all of the book’s on my TBR read plus some others! Here are some quick thought’s on the books from last week’s TBR and what I’m hoping to read this week!

This was a buddy read I did with my friend Britt from Geronimo Reads. We Were Beautiful was such an amazing book that examines loss, grief, and guilt with my favorite found family trope! All of the characters were fantastic and I loved the amount of growth and development they each showed. This is a lesser known young adult book that I really hope more readers start picking up.

Ooookay, so obviously I thought I would enjoy The Devouring Gray, otherwise I wouldn’t have picked it up, but y’all…..THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING AND BLEW ME AWAY! I really loved it way more than I ever thought I would. Christine Lynn Herman’s writing is jaw dropping good and the story was so creepy and queer. You all need to read this one.

I really can’t decide how I feel about The Merciless. I liked it, but at the same time I didn’t. It does get points for being creepier at parts than I expected, but I wish the characters had been more developed. Some of the stuff was really cringy too. The more I think about it the more I decide that I’m probably interested in continuing the series, only because of the creepiness factor. And hopefully the writing will get better as the books go on? Plus it really was a fast read which is always nice.

I found out last week that I’m on Penguin Teen’s upcoming blog tour for How it Feels to Float! I screamed a little when I saw the email come through, this will be my first blog tour that a publisher has asked me to be a part of so it feels like such a big milestone! Look for my review of this book along with a little playlist of songs that the story made me think of while reading it on Wednesday!

I’m part of The Fantastic Flying Book Club’s blog tour for Happy Messy Scary Love in May and I’m really looking forward to reading it! The cover of this one is so fun (it reminds me of fireworks and the fourth of July!) and it really sounds like the perfect summertime read. This author already has several other books published, but this will be my first time reading one!

So many people have been talking about Opposite of Always so I’m glad I’ll finally be reading it! I absolutely adore this cover, and when Book of the Month gave me a free add on book when I ordered their edition of You’d Be Mine I was so excited to see this as one of the choices! I’ll have to make sure I have Fruit Loops in my pantry before picking it up, because I know as soon as the characters start talking about them I’ll crave them!

Tell me, what was your favorite book that you read last week and what are you hoping to read this week? Let me know in the comments and let’s chat!

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