Review: Stealing Home by Becky Wallace

Title: Stealing Home
Author: Becky Wallace
Release Date: July 9, 2019
Publisher: Page Street
Pages: 320

Don’t have time to read the entire review? That’s okay! Scroll down to the very end for a TL;DR.

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Fight for your dreams, even if it means breaking a few rules.

Seventeen-year-old Ryan Russell has life perfectly planned. If she keeps up her hard work, one day she’ll take over the family business: owning the Buckley Beavers, a minor league baseball team, and become one of the only female General Managers in the sport.

But when the newest member of the Beavers, child-phenom Sawyer Campbell, shows up, Ryan’s carefully laid plans are thrown a major curveball. Sawyer is far more charming than the arrogant jocks she usually manages, his ambition rivals her own workaholic nature—and he’s completely out of bounds. Fraternizing is against every rule in the Beaver’s handbook.

Then Ryan’s divorced parents butt heads over the future of the Beavers, and her mom plans to sell her shares to a business group known for relocating teams. If this happens, Ryan’s dreams of becoming GM disappear. In a bid to save her future, she partners with Sawyer to use his star power to draw in sponsors who will keep the team in Buckley. But the more time she spends with him, the more impossible it becomes to play by the Beaver’s rules, and she can’t afford a strikeout on the path to her dreams.

Full count with two outs, Ryan’s one pitch away from losing the whole ball game. 

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I’m going to try really hard to hold my composure throughout this review when really all I want to do is type in all caps and scream yell talk very loudly and passionately how much I loved this book….

Y’all, I’ve been waiting for this book since reading Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross five years ago. There’s just something about baseball romances that get my heart and oh my goodness Becky Wallace does not disappoint. Stealing Home is everything you could possibly want in a contemporary novel – a strong female protagonist, swoony love interest, supportive best friend, summer vibes, perfect writing, and baseball.

Wallace’s characters were life-like and incredible. It felt like these could have been the people running my local minor league baseball team. I adored the best friend relationship between Ryan and Mia. Too often we see girls pitted against each other in pointless battles, but these two were really there for each other through thick and thin and wanted nothing more than to support the other.

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The chemistry between Ryan and Sawyer was to die for. I couldn’t get enough of their slow burn relationship. Seriously….all the heart eye emojis for these two. Something I was especially thankful for though was even though Ryan was falling head over heels for Sawyer, she didn’t change who she was for him or give up her dreams. Throughout the entire book she consistently put herself first and made sure she was making the decisions that were best for her in the long run. It made me want to give her a huge hug and tell her how amazing she was doing.

Stealing Home wrapped it’s fingers around me and refused to let go from the very first chapter. Becky Wallace’s writing style is light and breezy which kept me turning pages long into the night, but still emotional and heartfelt enough to make me empathize with the characters and worry about them. Even if sports aren’t necessarily your thing, Stealing Home is one you are going to want to read.

TL;DR: Stealing Home is everything you could possibly want in a contemporary novel – a strong female protagonist, swoony love interest, supportive best friend, summer vibes, perfect writing, and baseball.

9 thoughts on “Review: Stealing Home by Becky Wallace”

  1. I finished this book the other day, and essentially agree with everything you said. Absolutely loved it, and it was just one of those books that left me feeling good at the end. Loved it! Oddly enough, I am pairing this review with Whatever Life Throws at You (which I recently purchased). Seems like I have chosen wisely.

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