Little Free Library Adventures Part Three

Welcome to the last addition to my Little Free Library Adventures! There might be a continuation of this in the future once I’ve visited other libraries, but this does conclude my adventures from my major unhaul back in May. I’ll be showing you some really neat libraries in this post as well as talking about my favorite experience from the adventure.

One of the nicest and most well kept libraries I saw was during the last part of the day. I really wish I had taken a picture of the area surrounding this library, too, because it was so sweet.

The house it was located at was smaller, but the backyard near where they put the library was incredible! It had the cutest white picket fence around it and there were so many trees. Between all of the trees the owners had strung fairy lights and there was furniture all around.

Even in the middle of the afternoon I could imagine how magical of an atmosphere it would transform into at night. It seemed like the absolute perfect place to gather your group of friends with some drinks and discuss your latest reads.

There is something about taking an old every day object and turning it into something completely different that fills my insides with such joy. Turning a newspaper dispenser into a Little Free Library was the perfect idea. The inside was spacious and so sturdy, almost like this was what it was actually made for.

On the outside, visitors had started putting stickers on the sides. This made it feel like the library belonged to everybody and I had almost as much fun looking at all the stickers as I did leaving some books. I’ll definitely be visiting this one again and maybe taking one of my Hot Dog Girl stickers to add!

My favorite thing was when the owners really put their personalities into their library. This family loves Alice in Wonderland, so they built a library inspired by The Mad Hatter!

The hat shaped library was definitely one of the more memorable ones I saw and I so appreciated the creativity and care that went into its construction. There was actually another library beside it as well that looked like a little house as well. This was the only time I saw more than one library at the same location and I loved that there was extra space to hold even more books!

Surrounding the libraries were also a couple of chairs so people could sit and look at the books for a minute so they could make sure and find the perfect one to take home.

Another library bursting with personality was covered in a bronze/copper material with really pretty glass work at the top and a mosaic tile pattern at the bottom.

I loved how they made their Little Free Library sign to attach and had the popular slogan “take a book, leave a book” cut into the material at the top. The design of this one was so cohesive and different from others I had seen. It really stood out and made it easy to spot.

There were also some nice stepping stones leading up to it. Plants and grass surrounded the library in a way that almost made it feel like it grew there too. Everything was so well kept.

The very last library we visited was difficult to find. It was located at a school, but the school was massive. There were multiple buildings and fences surrounded practically the entire thing. We drove around trying to find the library and I really thought we were going to have to end the day without it when finally there it was!

As soon as I saw it, my heart sank – it was completely empty. There wasn’t a single book inside. I’m wondering if since school was out for the summer they maybe cleared it out until next year. I ran back to my husband who was waiting in the car and we talked about whether or not I should leave some books. If they wanted it empty for the summer I didn’t want to cause any issues, but I decided to fill it up.

And fill it up I did! I was able to put every single book I still had inside. Knowing that I was able to provide this community with so many books was such a good feeling and I really couldn’t have asked for a better ending to my adventures. Even if a school administrator came by and emptied it again, I loved knowing that the books would be going to the school.

A couple of weeks later we happened to be driving through the area again and I yelled at my husband to quickly turn so we could drive by it. I was astounded to see that the majority of the books I had left were gone and new ones were in their place! This library was bare, and I had brought it back to life. It left me with a lot of warm fuzzy feelings.

If you missed part one or part two of my Little Free Library Adventures, please check them out! I had so much fun visiting every library in my area that I was able to. These libraries restored my faith in humanity just a bit and I’m so thankful for every single one of them.

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