26 of My Friend’s Favorite Things for My 26th Birthday

Today is my birthday! And in honor of turning 26 I asked some of my friends what their favorite things were (other than books). This was such a fun way to get to know them a little more and I love that I’m getting to share some of my favorite people with you! My friends are so incredibly passionate about so many things and it honestly fills my heart with a lot of joy.

Ally from @thebookshrine I love PODCASTS!! My favorite is Wolf 359.

Ben from Books With Ben It’s not a thing…but a person…Taylor Swift (I swear I didn’t pay him to say my lord and savior Taylor Swift.)

Heather from @staccatosounds Libraries are my favorite thing because they bring so many people together to learn and hear each other’s stories!

Olivia from @livreadsxo I love The Sims 4!

Andy (my husband) from @LordSnackFalcon I love my wife so much! She tolerates me, and I assure you that is no easy task. Without her I would be nothing. Without her I wouldn’t be a dad. Without her I would have probably died last year (without exaggeration). (I swear I also did not pay him to say this either and this is the exact picture he chose of me.)

Liv from Curlyhairbibliophile My favorite thing other than books is theatre. I’m so amazed by the sheer amount of talent that goes on both on stage and behind the scenes.

Louise from Foxes and Fairy TalesOne of my favorite non-bookish favorite things is the TV show M*A*S*H. For me, it’s the perfect comfort TV. I think I’ve seen it at least half a dozen times.

Zara from Una Plopus Andanteangsty musicals

Asha from A Cat, A Book, and A Cup of Tea Oh, easy! My cat, Tomte! (I, too, love Tomte!)

Heidi from @heidwella being unplugged in nature

Meg from @AnArmAndAMeg Cats! I love Cats!

Nisha from @the1nonlynisha Definitely dogs – we don’t deserve them. My goal in life is to pet all the dogs.

Nicola from Little Mrs Readermotorbikes

Aoife from Pretty Purple Polka Dots My favorite thing is coming home from work on a Friday evening and making a huge lasagna, then tucking in with some garlic bread and a glass of rosé.

Shon from Books and Bugs Dogs. Cliche, I know – but I adore them. They’re precious, four-legged bundles of joy with so much love to give. (Pictured is sweet Ducky. I love him very very much.)

marshmalorie from Marginally Magical Books are basically my whole life! But I would probably say cooking is my second favorite thing. I love to cook and eat said cooking, especially when I get to share it with people. I am sort of a militant food sharer a la Monica in friends.

Arin from Tomes of Our Lives Knitting is one of my favorite things to do. I find the whole rythm of it to be very calming and relaxing and I also love getting to give someone the scarf or blanket or whatever I made at the end!

Tate from bookishconstellations My favorite thing is music, whether playing, singing, or listening. I can play six instruments plus voice, too, so I have a lot of options.

Paige from A Conjuring of Lit We adopted Max 6 years ago, and I can’t imagine life without this dorky little corgi boy. (Max is truly the goodest good boy to ever exist and I would die for him.)

Taylor from Stay on the Page My favorite thing is the feeling of a good story or memory, whether that means seeing a great musical, reading a book that makes you check out a bit, watching the sunset down the shore or laughing with friends. Maybe that’s not concrete or specific, but nothing beats that fluttering excitement of enjoying someone else’s story or knowing that you’re making your own, moment by moment.

Zack Smedley author of Deposing Nathan Film making…I love studying how movies are crafted and I dream of selling my screenplay someday. (Zack’s book is my favorite! You can read my review then run to get the book.)

Courtney from Buried in a Bookshelf playing drums

Ben from Ace of Bens Watermelon – it’s my favorite fruit and I have a watermelon print backpack and everything.

Anna from Anna’s Book Nook One of my favorite things is cooking because I love experimenting with creating new dishes.

Becky from remusreads My favorite thing is creating — whether it’s drawing, sculpting, writing… I feel I can abandon my worries and inhibitions when I create and it’s a form of happiness and entertainment that I always love! Another one of my favorite things are plants. I love plants, caring for them, collecting, photographing. Plants are a MASSIVE passion of mine!

Jessica, Emily, and Amber from The Book BratzOur favorite thing – all three of us – is definitely a good burrito. (I once had a burrito the size of my head, see the picture, and truly it was the best day of my life.)

And now for number 27, so there is one to grow on, my favorite thing – Llamas. My son has a stuffed Llama Llama Red Pajama plush that has gone into the OR with him every single time. Because of that, llamas kind of turned into symbols of strength, courage, and love for me and I love sprinkling them into every aspect of my life.

Before you go, let me know what your favorite non-bookish thing is in the comments!

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