Review: Watches and Warnings by Ryan Wolf

Title: Watches and Warnings
Author: Ryan Wolf
Release Date: August 1, 2019
Publisher: West 44 Books
Pages: 200

Content Warnings: tornado, self-harm, suicide attempt, drug addiction, overdose, underage drinking, car accident, descriptions of injuries, hospitals

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Sixteen-year-old Philip is the son of two Evangelical youth pastors. He also secretly helps his older brother pay for his heroin addiction. When a massive tornado touches down in their small town, Philip’s family becomes heavily involved in the post-disaster cleanup as Philip struggles with the return of his detoxing brother. With his life swept into sudden chaos, Philip grapples with questions that cut him to the core.

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Eight Things You Need to Pack Ahead of a Tornado

When I first heard of Natalie Lund’s debut, We Speak in Storms, I knew it was going to be a book I had to read. As somebody that has lived in tornado alley their entire life you’d think that I would be completely used to these monstrous storms by now – but I’m not. They actually terrify me. But even though tornadoes are one of my biggest fears I still love reading stories that involve them.

Because of my fear, I always make sure that I’m as prepared as possible when I know one is heading my way. Part of that preparedness is making sure my emergency bag is ready. What do I pack in that bag? Keep reading to find out!

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Review: The Speed of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson Fischer

Title: The Speed of Falling Objects
Author: Nancy Richardson Fischer
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Publisher: Inkyard Press
Pages: 384

Content Warnings: plane crash, blood, bullying, pig dissection, graphic descriptions of injuries, death of parents, drug addiction, explanation of medical procedures, panic attacks, self-harm, emotional abuse, suicide attempt

This post does contain affiliate links. I will receive a small amount from any purchases made through Book Depository at no extra cost to you.

From the author of When Elephants Fly comes an exceptional new novel about falling down, risking everything and embracing what makes us unique. Don’t miss this compulsively readable novel about the most unlikely of heroes.

Danger “Danny” Danielle Warren is no stranger to falling. After losing an eye in a childhood accident, she had to relearn her perception of movement and space. Now Danny keeps her head down, studies hard, and works to fulfill everyone else’s needs. She’s certain that her mom’s bitterness and her TV star father’s absence are her fault. If only she were more―more athletic, charismatic, attractive―life would be perfect.

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Ten Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding

Who wants a Top Ten Tuesday post on a Monday?! I had a really busy weekend so I didn’t get my book for today’s review read in time so that will be coming your way tomorrow. It’s fun to mix things up sometimes anyway!

Honestly, there’s a lot on my TBR that I’m avoiding. My unread books take up an entire bookcase (and that doesn’t even take my Kindle books into consideration) so yeah that’s fun. It would be nice to say that I refuse to get any new books until I get things under control but we all know that will never happen. Instead, feel free to roast me in the comments over these ten books that I’m intentionally avoiding.

Hey, my name is Mari and I’m trash at finishing series. It might be my worst personality trait. Ha. If only… Anyway I don’t remember what happened in Six of Crows at all so Crooked Kingdom is going to have to wait until I finish my re-read of the Shadow and Bone trilogy and then finally re-read Six of Crows. Subsequently, I also haven’t read King of Scars yet because I need to read all the previous first for that one, too.

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Sunday Stacks Week Fifteen

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Sunday Stacks post because I’ve been so busy I didn’t have much time to read. This week should be a bit calmer so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things.

Here’s a look at how the last TBR went and what I’m hoping to read this week!

Holy guacamole this was so good! I loved Imposters but Shatter City felt like it had more of the essence and personality from Uglies. Scott Westerfeld’s books have always been a great examination of where the world is at and the direction it’s going and Shatter City is no exception. You can read my full review if you want to know more of my thoughts! In short though it was great ad I really can’t wait for book three.

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Monthly Wrap Up: August 2019

August was a whirlwind of busy and it passed by so quickly! It was definitely much better than July and its left me feeling positive going into September.


Somehow I read 8 books in August which is shocking me because it felt like I read about 2? Obviously this wasn’t a great reading month for me (I’m not really happy with anything under 13) but I’m cutting myself a break because I was incredibly busy with everything else. What I did read though was high quality! Here are the ones that were 4 or 5 stars:

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Review: Shatter City by Scott Westerfeld

Title: Shatter City
Series: Imposters
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Release Date: September 17, 2019
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 416

Content Warnings: earthquakes, emergency medical needs

This post does contain affiliate links. I will receive a small amount from any purchases made through Book Depository at no extra cost to you.

When the world sees Frey, they think they see her twin sister Rafi. Frey was raised to be Rafi’s double, and now she’s taken on the role . . . without anyone else knowing.

Her goal? To destroy the forces that created her.

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