Guest Post: Writing a Bromance by Naomi Hughes

Bromance—a strong friendship between two guys—is one of my absolute favorite tropes. Sherlock and Watson! Kirk and Spock! Crowley and Aziraphale! Something about these types of relationships just always seems so special to me. I love the banter, the tension, the vulnerable moments. Even better, in my opinion, is if the guys start out as enemies before they grow into an unexpected friendship (or frenemy-ship).

So when it came time for me to brainstorm a brand-new story last year, of course I decided to write a bromance into it.

Meet Refraction’s bromantic duo: Marty and Elliott. Marty is your classic antihero, street-smart and looking out for no one but himself. He’s not afraid to break some rules—sometimes in big, potentially deadly ways—to get what he wants. He’s 100% Slytherin and proud of it. But beneath that sneering, ambitious exterior lies a soft squishy heart. Marty might not be easy to trust, but once he cares about someone, he’s all-in—like with his big brother, Ty.

Elliott, on the other hand, is a Gryffindor through-and-through. He’s the type of guy who would run into a burning building to save a kitten. Or even, like, some kid’s creepy pet spider or something. He’s just that good. But he sees the world in black and white, and from that point of view, Marty is someone to be hunted down and arrested—not someone to team up with.

Unfortunately for these two guys, they’re about to get exiled together, which means they won’t have a choice about teaming up. To survive in an abandoned city full of fog and horrific, deadly Beings, they’ll have to rely on one another…and maybe even learn to see each other in a new light.

So tell me, what’s your favorite bromantic pairing and why? Or if you’re into a different type of relationship trope (strong girl friendships are pretty darn awesome too!), tell me about that!

Hey! I’m Naomi Hughes, writer of quirky young adult fiction (usually involving physics and/or unicorns). I live in the Midwest US, a region I love even though it tries to murder me with tornadoes every spring. When not writing, my hobbies include reading (of course), traveling, and geeking out over Marvel superheroes and certain time-traveling Doctors. My debut YA sci-fi standalone novel, Afterimage, is available now from Page Street Publishing. My next novel, Refraction (also a standalone YA sci-fi), comes out in Nov 2019. I also offer freelance critique services at

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After an attack on earth, all reflective surfaces become weapons to release monsters, causing a planet-wide ban on mirrors. Despite the danger, the demand rises, and 17-year-old Marty Callahan becomes a distributor in an illegal mirror trade―until he’s caught by the mayor’s son, whose slate is far from clean. Both of them are exiled for their crimes to one of the many abandoned cities overrun by fog. But they soon realize their thoughts influence their surroundings and their deepest fears begin to manifest.

With fast pacing and riveting characters, this is a book that you’ll finish in one sitting.

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