Eight Things You Need to Pack Ahead of a Tornado

When I first heard of Natalie Lund’s debut, We Speak in Storms, I knew it was going to be a book I had to read. As somebody that has lived in tornado alley their entire life you’d think that I would be completely used to these monstrous storms by now – but I’m not. They actually terrify me. But even though tornadoes are one of my biggest fears I still love reading stories that involve them.

Because of my fear, I always make sure that I’m as prepared as possible when I know one is heading my way. Part of that preparedness is making sure my emergency bag is ready. What do I pack in that bag? Keep reading to find out!

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Tips and Tricks for Writing Book Reviews

I was making my way through a book I need to review scrolling through Twitter when I saw Dana from Devour Books with Dana ask for tips on writing reviews. It seems like a lot of bloggers would rather write any other post before doing their reviews but I’m somebody that could write them all day every day. Because of this I thought it would be fun to give you some tips and tricks that will hopefully make reviews easier for you!

And, if you’re wondering where/how to get review books then make sure you check out my beginner’s guide to ARCs!

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Shelf Awareness: KonMarie My Bookshelves (Major Book Unhaul!)

Welcome to week three of my Shelf Awareness series! Last week we talked about how to decide which books to get rid of when your collection becomes overwhelming. I loved everybody’s comments saying that you hate getting rid of books and refuse to do it very often (or never at all) and oh goodness do I relate! If it weren’t for having a toddler that has quickly taken over every square inch of my apartment I probably wouldn’t either!

This past week, though, I accepted the fact that my collection was getting out of hand. I started choosing things to unhaul on Tuesday and finished up on Thursday with the help of my husband. I had chosen a really good chunk of books to clear myself, but really felt like there was more I could do. He went behind me and pointed out a few things which made me talk about memories attached to certain books or helped me realize that there wasn’t actually a reason to hold on to a certain one.

What did my shelves look like beforehand?

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Shelf Awareness: How to Decide What Books to Get Rid Of

If you’re anything like me, getting rid of books is one of the hardest things you have to do as a reader. I just love having bookcases packed full of books all around my apartment. It really doesn’t even matter if my shelves include books I disliked or most likely won’t ever read again, I just enjoy seeing them all lined up and pretty. It’s my brand.

Let’s be honest though, what you see in that picture is a problem. My shelves are getting to the point where they are so unruly that they look horrible and probably are becoming a hazard with how precariously things are stacked on them. When my shelves become overflowing with books I tend to get complacent and throw a whole bunch of other things on them too that don’t really have any other home (like that carbon monoxide detector that belongs on the wall but I’ve been too busy reading to hang). Because of this mess, I figured it was time to start considering a major unhaul. But how do you decide what books to get rid of when you honestly just want to keep them all?

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