Little Free Library Adventures Part Three

Welcome to the last addition to my Little Free Library Adventures! There might be a continuation of this in the future once I’ve visited other libraries, but this does conclude my adventures from my major unhaul back in May. I’ll be showing you some really neat libraries in this post as well as talking about my favorite experience from the adventure.

One of the nicest and most well kept libraries I saw was during the last part of the day. I really wish I had taken a picture of the area surrounding this library, too, because it was so sweet.

The house it was located at was smaller, but the backyard near where they put the library was incredible! It had the cutest white picket fence around it and there were so many trees. Between all of the trees the owners had strung fairy lights and there was furniture all around.

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Little Free Library Adventures Part Two

Welcome to part two of my little free library adventures! In this post I’ll be talking about the next little free libraries my husband and I visited. I did realize, though, while I was writing this post that I never explained what these libraries were in part one of this series, so keep reading to learn what they are before continuing with my adventures!

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization with the goal of getting books into the hands of readers while building their communities. Millions of books are exchanged each year through these libraries. People of all ages that may not otherwise have access to reading material are able to find books for free within their own neighborhoods. How they work is those with extra books drop them off at one of the libraries and anybody else can come and find something to read.

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Little Free Library Adventures Part One

Last month I completed a major book purge and cleared over 230 from my shelves (click here to read about it). I went back and forth on what I wanted to do with all of the books. A lot of them were ARCs so I didn’t feel comfortable trying to take them to a used book store, attempting to get rid of them on Twitter felt stressful and too costly, and I wanted to do more than just drop them off at my nearest Goodwill.

After some deliberation, I convinced my husband to drive me around so I could hop out of the car every five minutes to fill up the little free libraries around our town. The Little Free Library website has a map you are able to search that brings up all the registered libraries in your area. We spent two entire afternoons doing this and it was more fun than I thought it would be!

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