Seven Unpopular Movie Opinions

Since my unpopular book opinions post was so popular (I feel like I should use a different word since I’m talking about unpopular opinions but it’s all I have) I decided to share some thoughts on movies!

Please don’t hate me after this…

  • Marvel movies need to calm down. There are too many of them to keep up with and they come out way too often. They also feel too formulaic to me – I can always tell what is going to happen? I liked the Iron Man trilogy, Spiderman: Homecoming, and Into the Spider-Verse, but that’s about it.
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Ten Books I’d Love to See on My Netflix Screen

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt was a page to screen freebie and I’ve decided to share with you ten books that I’d love to see adaptations of! Some of them will be movies while others I think would be better as a series. Netflix does great with their original content, so I’d love if they were the ones that picked all of these up!

Anna and the French Kiss

I really need the Anna and the French Kiss series to be turned into a miniseries. Kind of like how Netflix did with A Series of Unfortunate Events, I feel like these books would be great with two episodes for each one. That’s only six episodes for the entire thing! GIVE IT TO ME.

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