Musings and Ramblings on Vampire Academy

A flurry of excitement has taken over the book community as the mostly inactive Official Vampire Academy Movie Facebook page has suddenly come back to life. Fans of the series have seen a new profile picture, cover photo, and a couple of cryptic posts.

When I saw all of this start happening, I was instantly excited. I mean, I know what it’s like to have something you love reach the end of it’s era only to surprise you with a comeback several years later (I’ve mentioned how much I love the Jonas Brothers, right?). But, it’s confession time: I’ve never read the series or seen the movie. Which has me asking myself, is it finally time? To come up with an answer I turned to Twitter, expecting to be met with a dozen replies insisting I stop wasting time and read it right this second; instead the results were grey toned, leaving me even more unsure.

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