Five Things I Enjoy Outside of My Comfort Zone

Something I’m horrible about is getting set in my ways and refusing to try new things. I like things to be black and white and to have all my ducks in a little row. In short – change scares me.

This means that when something is outside of my comfort zone odds are I’ll turn my nose up at it and continue on my way. Sometimes, though, I’ll get brave and try something out of the ordinary. Here are five times that worked in my favor.

Shopping. Y’all – I hate it. I’m plus size and the majority of the stores out there don’t understand how to make clothes for us bigger people. It’s a nightmare.

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26 of My Friend’s Favorite Things for My 26th Birthday

Today is my birthday! And in honor of turning 26 I asked some of my friends what their favorite things were (other than books). This was such a fun way to get to know them a little more and I love that I’m getting to share some of my favorite people with you! My friends are so incredibly passionate about so many things and it honestly fills my heart with a lot of joy.

Ally from @thebookshrine I love PODCASTS!! My favorite is Wolf 359.

Ben from Books With Ben It’s not a thing…but a person…Taylor Swift (I swear I didn’t pay him to say my lord and savior Taylor Swift.)

Heather from @staccatosounds Libraries are my favorite thing because they bring so many people together to learn and hear each other’s stories!

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Monthly Wrap Up: July 2019

Does anybody else feel like July went by incredibly slowly? It really seems as if July 4 was a lifetime ago. Probably I’m just anxious for August because it’s mine and Elliott’s birthday month! Birthdays are some of my favorite things, and this will be Elliott’s first one not spent in the hospital, so I’m a little extra excited.


MY READING SLUMP IS OVER! Y’all, that was brutal. I think it was a month and a half long? It isn’t the longest slump I’ve ever had, but it was rough. Out of the 19 books I managed to read in July, here are the ones that were 4 or 5 stars:

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It’s Okay to Always Be Discovering Yourself

One of my very best friends, Taylor from Stay on the Page, asked me to write a piece for her 30 Days of Pride Event she co-hosted with Ben from Ace of Bens. I immediately said yes, and though sharing this part of me was a little scary, I’m so thankful Taylor gave me a platform, boosted my voice, and believed in me. She is such a gem and truly part of my heart.

I’ve spent the entire month of June wanting to do something special for Pride Month, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything. This is still a part of me that I’m trying to figure out and I don’t always know how to bring it up or talk about it.

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Eight of My Favorite Netflix Original Shows (And Why You Should Binge Them)

One of the worst reading slumps that has hit me in a while is currently happening. Depression has been a huge factor, and because of it my Netflix has been getting used a ton more. So, sorry if you only come here for the books, I’m going to take this opportunity to share eight of my favorite Netflix original series (and why you should binge them).

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