Currently… On My iPhone

This was a post I saw on Laruen’s blog Bookmark Lit and I thought it was such a fun idea that I had to do it too! I’ll be screenshotting some of the apps I use most on my phone and give you a more personal look at me!

Lock and Home Screens

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Monthly Wrap Up: April 2019

Where the heck did April go?! I swear I didn’t realize it was ending until like two days before the end of the month. Literally just a few days before I had looked at all the books I’d read so far in the month and patted myself on the back and thinking what a great reading month it would be since we still had half a month to go. Clearly I did not have my life together in April.

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Introducing Noodle

On Saturday, my family welcomed it’s newest member, Noodle the kitten! I’ve been wanting a cat for about five years now, but had never been able to convince my husband that we needed one. Thanks to the magic of Taylor Swift (have you listened to ME! yet? I love it!) and the fact that she just introduced us to her third cat, Benjamin Button, he finally said we could start looking for a cat!

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The A to Z Book Tag (My 50th Post!)

Today I’ll be sharing the A to Z book tag with y’all! This tag was created by Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner. Like Jamie, I would jump at any chance to fill out a survey on Facebook during my youth, so I’m really glad she created this. A huge thank you to Laura from Laura Herondale’s Book Blog for tagging me!

Also, this is my 50th post and I’m so proud of myself!!

Author you’ve read the most books from:
– Ellen Hopkins has been a favorite since high school and I’ve read everything she’s written which so far is 15 books.

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Milton the Book Doggo

Okay, so maybe Milton doesn’t read books (actually there’s no maybe about it, he doesn’t), but he does cuddle with me while I read! Most of my reading is done after my son and husband go to bed, and I guess Milton is a night owl like me and prefers staying up until the sun rises then sleeping all day.

This post idea was submitted by Shon, and honestly I’ll take any opportunity possible to talk about my doggo. If you ever have a post idea for me, you can always leave a comment on a post, use my contact form, or let me know on Twitter!

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Monthly Wrap Up: March 2019

Oooh, boy. March was the longest month of the year so far. I kind of thought it would never end? I went through a pretty rough depression spell around the middle of the month, but other than that things were pretty good! Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of how things went.


March was such a good reading month for me! Honestly, this was such a relief after February. I read a total of 22 books, which puts me at 62 for the year, which also means I met my Goodreads reading goal! When I made my reading goal for the year, I honestly thought I would be struggling to finish it, but I’ve been tearing through everything I can get my hands on lately. Here are my 4 and 5 star reads from the month:

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Author Event: Laurie Halse Anderson

This was the second time I’ve been privileged enough to hear Laurie Halse Anderson speak. If you’ve never been to one of her events, I truly hope the opportunity arises for you to change that at some point; Anderson is an absolutely incredible person that is full of so much wisdom. There’s that age-old question that asks if you were able to sit down for coffee with anybody, dead or alive, who would you choose? For me, Anderson is that person.

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