Sunday Stacks Week Fifteen

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Sunday Stacks post because I’ve been so busy I didn’t have much time to read. This week should be a bit calmer so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things.

Here’s a look at how the last TBR went and what I’m hoping to read this week!

Holy guacamole this was so good! I loved Imposters but Shatter City felt like it had more of the essence and personality from Uglies. Scott Westerfeld’s books have always been a great examination of where the world is at and the direction it’s going and Shatter City is no exception. You can read my full review if you want to know more of my thoughts! In short though it was great ad I really can’t wait for book three.

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Sunday Stacks Week Fourteen

I read some really incredible books last week and I loved every second of it! August hasn’t been my best reading month, but the quality of books have been exceptionally high. I don’t plan on reading too much this week because my son has a heart procedure on Wednesday so we’ll be spending some time in the hospital.

Here’s a look at how last week’s TBR went and what I’m hoping to read this week!

Holy guacamole The Liar’s Daughter by Megan Cooley Peterson was so good! Only a few short hours passed from the time I started reading to the last page. Piper’s story is so compelling that I had no choice but to read it all right there and then. I was so impressed by Peterson’s young adult debut and it’s definitely one I recommend pre-ordering if you can. Read my full review to see all the reasons why I loved it!

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Sunday Stacks Week Thirteen

Not too much reading happened this week because I was busy for my birthday. If you missed my special birthday post you should definitely read it because it includes a lot of my friends and was really fun to do!

Here’s a look at how I did with my TBR from last week and what I’m hoping to read this week!

After reading a bit of The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth I was really worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it. There is not a lot of dialogue, the chapters are incredibly lengthy, and the pacing is very slow – all of which typically add up to me disliking a book. Something about Cameron is so compelling though and I’m loving her story. It’s a very heavy book that is making me feel a great bit of emotion, so it’s taking me a while to read it. I’m really only reading a chapter or two, maybe three, each day. So far I’m about halfway through it and I really am so glad I finally listened to Arin from Tomes of Our Lives and gave this book a chance.

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Sunday (On a Monday) Stacks Week Twelve

Yes, I know it’s Monday and this post is a day late. I had it all ready to go and then realized I had a prior commitment that I put down in my spreadsheet for the wrong date and I hate posting twice in one day so I just had to flip flop yesterdays and todays posts.

I’ve been failing at read the past two weeks so yay! Life has just been incredibly busy with my son’s birthday and the party I planned for him and also the annual toy drive my family runs for the Children’s Hospital that takes care of my son just ended and it completely takes over every aspect of my life.

So here’s a look at the books I tried to read from the last Sunday Stacks and what is on my TBR for this week.

I actually tried so hard to get through The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen and I just couldn’t do it. It took me a couple of hours to get only two or three chapters into and I honestly had no clue what any of the words were meaning. I felt guilty DNFing it since I had a review copy, but not every book is for every reader, and that’s okay. Fantasy is a genre I want to like so badly, but just really isn’t for me.

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Sunday Stacks Week Eleven

Last week I was recovering from the intense 24in48 readathon, so I wasn’t expecting myself to do too much reading since I had just done all of the reading in two days. I figured I’d be left feeling a bit burnt out and needing a break. Somehow, though, I did manage to complete the TBR I set for myself last Sunday! Here’s a few thoughts on those books and what I’m hoping to read this week.

Also, a little side note – I’m unofficially participating in ARC August. I’m not technically behind on any ARCs yet, but I’ve been cutting it close and reading them like a few days before my review needs to go up. So, starting this week and going through August, I’m going to try and read only ARCs and get a bunch of reviews scheduled so I can stop feeling quite so stressed.

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Sunday Stacks Week Ten

24in48 is in full swing and I’m having so much fun doing ALL THE READING! After being in a book slump for over a month, it’s nice to have this weekend to play catch up on my TBR. Here’s how I did on the books I planned to read last week and a look at the week ahead.

I just barely managed to finish They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera in time for this recap! I enjoyed this one, but I definitely didn’t love it. The story line is really interesting and I love Mateo, but there’s something about Rufus that drives me crazy. This was kind of the deciding factor for whether or not I like Silvera (since I hated More Happy Than Not but loved History is All You Left Me) and I guess the final decision is that I’m just meh about his books.

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Sunday Stacks Week Nine

I’m probably jinxing myself by saying this, but I think I’m out of my book slump! So far I’ve read five books in July, which is still less than normal for me, but better than what I’ve been doing.

The next round of 24in48 is this weekend, so fingers crossed I’ll get a lot read this weekend! Make sure you come back on Saturday to see my TBR for the readathon and then next Saturday I’ll have a recap post! For now, here’s a look at the last TBR I set for myself and what I’m hoping to read this week!

The Echo Park Castaways by M.G. Hennessey was such a quick read. I made my way through it in one sitting because it was a bit shorter at around 200 pages and I was generally interested in what was happening. While the story was good though, there were some disappointing issues I had with the characters. This has great potential to do well, especially in middle school libraries where books about foster care are needed. I just hope that adults are taking the time to also read this and then talking to their students to help them recognize the good parts and learn from the bad. Read my full review!

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