Ten of My Favorite Childhood Books

When I see the term ‘childhood books’ it makes me think of picture books, but I don’t remember too many of my favorites. I’ll share the ones I do remember, though, and then a few of my favorite middle grade books I have fond memories of.

Picture Books

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Eight Books You Should Be Reading This Summer

If you’re somebody that gets a lot of free time during the summer, then it’s the perfect opportunity to get in some extra reading! I’ve put together a list of eight books that are perfect for the (hopefully) lazy summer days ahead of you.

I can’t really explain why, but I love when main characters work in gift shops over the summer. The Goodbye Summer by Sarah Van Name resonated with me so deeply and was the book I wish I had in high school. Read my full review then add it to your TBR!

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Ten of My Most Anticipated Releases from the Second Half of 2019

There are some really great sounding books coming out during the second half of the year! Here are ten that I’m looking forward to the most.

We Are the Ghosts by Vicky Skinner (8/13/19)

This story promises a road trip and a main character that is attempting to figure out who her estranged brother actually was. I have a feeling this is going to be one that punches me in the gut and I’m always in the mood for that to happen. This cover is also striking and mysterious and it instantly caught my attention.

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Ten Unpopular Bookish Opinions

I feel like I’m one of those rare ducks that isn’t full of a ton of unpopular opinions? It was a struggle to come up with these, but I did it. Here they are!

Please note: If you disagree with any of these that is 100% okay! I’m not right and you’re not wrong.

  • Aurora Rising was a pretty terrible book. After loving the Illuminae Files I was incredibly disappointed with Kaufman and Kristoff’s newest. You can read my full review of it, but be warned it’s full of rants and frustrations.
  • Dog earring pages is okay. Sometimes I don’t want to keep up with a bookmark, but I have too much going on in life to try and remember what page I’m on for next time I sit down to read. To me they’re marks of love and give a book character.
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Ten of My Favorite Graphic Novels

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is to share books from your favorite genre, but I feel like I’ve told y’all about my favorite contemporary books a million times now, so let’s do graphic novels instead! I prefer standalone graphic novels instead of single issue ones in volumes. Here are ten of my favorites!

(It was really hard not to just turn this into a fan post about Tillie Walden. I limited myself to only two of her books and it really killed me.)

On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden left me speechless. This graphic novel has everything you could possibly want. Space? Check. Badass female characters? Check. Queer rep? Check. A non-binary character? Check. An exciting story? Check. Seriously, this book is everything. It’s so emotional and even though it’s long you’ll fly right through it because you won’t want to put it down. If I could only recommend one graphic novel to people for the rest of my life, this one would be it.

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Favorite Books Released in the Last Ten Years

This is such a fun Top Ten Tuesday post! Literally just the other day I had thought to myself how fun a decade post would be where I shared my favorite book from each year the last ten years. So I was just a little excited when I saw the topic for this week. I’ll be using Goodreads and sorting my ‘read’ books by publication year to determine which books are my favorite, though I didn’t necessarily read them the year they pubbed.

Also, so sorry about my little three day hiatus. We’ve had really horrible and dangerous weather, my son was sick last week and ended up in the hospital over the weekend (he’s okay!), I’ve been so stressed and anxious I haven’t been sleeping….. So, yeah….. I hated letting days go by without any posts (it stressed me out to the max) but I didn’t have much of a choice. I’ll talk about all this and go into more detail in my monthly wrap up happening on Saturday. For now, onto the books.

2009 – Gayle Forman’s If I Stay was such a pivotal book for me. I first read it when I was in high school and going through a very difficult time. Never before had I read a book that had the ability to completely transport me away from all of my problems before. I devoured Mia’s story in a matter of hours and it was so wonderful to cry about something other than what was going on in my own life.

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Ten Books I’d Love to See on My Netflix Screen

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt was a page to screen freebie and I’ve decided to share with you ten books that I’d love to see adaptations of! Some of them will be movies while others I think would be better as a series. Netflix does great with their original content, so I’d love if they were the ones that picked all of these up!

Anna and the French Kiss

I really need the Anna and the French Kiss series to be turned into a miniseries. Kind of like how Netflix did with A Series of Unfortunate Events, I feel like these books would be great with two episodes for each one. That’s only six episodes for the entire thing! GIVE IT TO ME.

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